Researcher profile

Patrick Rebentrost

Principal Investigator
Centre for Quantum Technologies

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore

Research Affiliate
Asian Institute of Digital Finance, National University of Singapore

My research covers three pillars. In the first pillar on fault-tolerant quantum computing, we’re looking at problems in optimisation and machine learning and also generally at developing algorithmic building blocks. The second pillar is on NISQ, or noisy intermediate-scale quantum computing, where I’m currently working on what I call “post-variational” algorithms. Most NISQ algorithms are variational. But they sometimes have problems, including the problem of barren plateaus. So, one direction I’m pursuing is to see if we can go beyond variational methods but not require the full power of a fault-tolerant quantum computer. The third pillar involves bigger picture thinking about how quantum technologies will affect financial markets.