Access to quantum computers and quantum simulators

Quantum computers on the cloud

Researchers in Singapore can approach NQCH to organise access to commercial quantum cloud services. Such services are now available from a variety of providers around the world offering different hardware platforms.

We expect to bring online a quantum processor located in Singapore soon.

Quantum simulations on a supercomputer

The National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore hosts the ASPIRE2A supercomputer, with:

  • Total compute capacity of up to 10 PFlops, 512 GB memory and 128 cores per node.
  • GPU compute capability with 4x NVIDIA A100-40G SXM per node.
  • Additional AI system offering total 18 AI GPU nodes configured with high speed NVme local storage
  • Please download more info here (PDF).

Applications for access to ASPIRE2A are reviewed on a project basis, with multiple calls for submissions per year.

Open-source Qibo simulation libraries are installed for projects by NQCH.