Researcher profile

Koh Enshan, Dax

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Senior Scientist
A*STAR's Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC)

My research is dedicated to advancing the design and analysis of quantum algorithms, with a focus on comprehensively understanding the capabilities and limitations of both near-term and fault-tolerant quantum computers. I actively contribute to the development of quantum algorithms for a myriad of applications, including solving partial differential equations and addressing combinatorial optimisation problems. Moreover, I am involved in designing more efficient and noise-resistant methods for learning the properties of quantum systems. Notably, one such method is classical shadow tomography, which enables the estimation of quantum system properties using limited resources. Through these endeavours, my objective is to propel quantum algorithm techniques forward, with tangible impacts ranging from enhancing computational efficiency to enriching our comprehension of quantum systems.


Selected Publications: